As a cyclist evolves in their racing form, RACECO.Timing aims to focus on improvement and efficiency by mastering the timing aspect of cyclist development. Whether joining one of RACECO's STRAVA groups to gauge timing against other cyclists, or utilizing actual timing during a race, RACECO.Timing has developed the infrastructure to enhance the competitive nature of cyclists.

Race Timing

RACECO.Timing was founded on the expertise of one of the best in the timing business, RACECO founder Kyle Sipes. Heavily invested in racing - on the race organization side and on the timing aspect - came together to develop a best in breed timing solution that incorporates top level timing equipment with the most knowledgable timers in the country. Our timers have been involved with several high-level events including the most sought after Leadville 100 race.

A full service race event timing organization, our close relationship with ChronoTrack and Athlinks has enabled us to provide a high performance and reliable infrastructure to track racing time results that are as exact as it gets. More importantly, the data available and management of this data is extremely valuable for racing series to track times and standings.

RACECO.Timing is involved in timing all types of events including Mountain Biking, Trail Cycling, Road Cycling, Running, Trail Running, Open Water swimming and many more types of timed events. RACECO.Timing is designed to handle the longest of running races including Marathon (Full & Half) and longer as well as popular shorter distance runs like 5K and up. Our Timing division also manages cycling race distances of all lengths. RACECO.Timing is also focused on timing swimming events and triathalon races of all lengths.

Kyle Sipes

With a passion for cycling and a desire to create a family friendly and convenient race event, Kyle developed RACECO. Kyle's understanding of race organization and dynamics segued into working to develop the RACECO.Timing segment of his business. Kyle is renown for working as a chief mechanic for Norris Racing and important crew member during the winning of the NASCAR Winston West Series in 2002. Kyle also worked in Hollywood as a stuntman under esteemed Eric Norris, son of Chuck Norris.


RACECO understands the competitive nature and has created several STRAVA groups for cyclists to join that allow them to feel like they are part of a group, find new routes from other cyclists and gauge their own progress by comparing their own past routes as well as their times against other members of the group. Below are a few groups you might consider joining:

STRAVA: RACECO Racing Team Page (https://www.strava.com/clubs/racecodotorg)


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