Raceco Titanium Silencers

These high quality titanium silencers have been manufactured since 2001. The design brief was to make the lightest, highest flowing, quietest silencer that did not reduce, but enhance power. During the design and development stage we made 5 different prototypes that were flow bench tested, dyno tested and noise tested. We also did 10,000 miles of road testing before releasing the silencers to the public. Our silencers have been sold worldwide to many discerning customers who appreciate top quality products.

The silencers weighs approximately 5.6 kilos. The weight varies slightly according to the application. Stainless 7” silencers can weigh 9 kilos or more.

Silencers are available in 2.25”, 2.5”. 2.75” and 3” bores with either straight central inlets or offset angled inlets in right and left hand configurations. As a rule of thumb 2.25” is suitable for up to 220 bhp, 2.5” for 260 bhp, 2.75” for 280 bhp and 3” for 300 bhp and over.

The silencers are re-packable. The end caps are retained by stainless button head screws for easy dismantling. The internals are top quality with special attention paid to the open area and the design of the perforated core. This avoids packing material being burnt and blown out. The packing material is of the highest quality available. Because of the use of superior components the silencers need re-packing less frequently.

Raceco Titanium silencers are the lightest, quietest, highest flowing and do not reduce power whilst reducing noise. They have not been designed to a price but to a very high specification.

Raceco Titanium 7.25" / 185mm diameter silencer.
Stock length with 750mm sleeve.

Raceco Titanium "Long" Custom Silencer with 950mm sleeve. Designed for the Raceco Big Bore system but may be applicable for other installations where space allows. Overall length 1200 mm. 2-3dB quieter

No trade discount on these items. Priced to sell directly to end user.


  Raceco High Temperature
re-packing material

When the Raceco silencer was first designed we tested many types of re-packing material. The material we decided to use is the best compromise between sound attenuation, heat resistance and durability. Independent testing against other materials such as Acousta-fil showed no improvement in noise reduction. If you own a Raceco silencer we recommend only our own re-packing material that has been extensively tested under varying conditions. For normal road use the re-packing material lasts very well due to the superior design of the silencer. During track use, continuous high rpm or during rolling road or dyno sessions the material will be consumed much more rapidly. We recommend that when you purchase your silencer that you purchase some material for future use. It is also the best time to purchase the material as it can be included in the parcel with the silencer at no extra cost. Most customers purchase 2 or 3 kilos. Around 1.5 kilos is usually enough to re-pack a silencer although not all the material has to be replaced, only the material that has been consumed.

Raceco re-packing material £12.00 per kilo


Delivery time

All silencers are custom made to order. No goods are kept on the shelf ready made as we supply silencers in two different lengths, four different bores and in right hand and left hand configurations. Please allow at least 2 weeks from placing order. Our busiest time of year is March to September. From October to February delivery times may be reduced.


Worldwide Delivery

Silencers have been sold to many countries all over the world. Delivery prices including insurance:

UK £30.00

Europe £90.00

Rest of World £120.00

If you want to arrange your own collection parcel size is 120cm x 35 cm x 25 cm. Weight varies but allow approx. 10 kilos. Dimensional weight for DHL for example is 21 kilos. As most couriers charge by volume actual weight is not critical.


Raceco big bore exhaust system for high powered Duratec engines

Raceco big bore exhaust with 2” headers for maximum torque and power. Top exit to reduce under bonnet temperatures. Available with 2.75” collector for engines from 250 to 280 bhp and 3” collector for engines from 280 bhp to 300 bhp plus. Stainless headers made exclusively for Raceco by top F1 supplier. Raceco extra long 950 mm sleeve titanium silencer for maximum noise attenuation. Standard 750 mm sleeve length silencer also available.

System shown is first prototype to be tested at Emerald rolling road in Watton, Norfolk.

Complete system with 750mm sleeve silencer £1,995.00

Complete system with 950mm sleeve silencer



Testimonials from Raceco customers

"The silencer arrived today. Looks fantastic! Thank you - and thanks for the prompt service"
Paul Ray, President of Ilmor Engineering in Plymouth, Michigan USA

"Thanks for such a superb product. The silencer is genuinely well made, much lighter than the stock silencer and does everything asked of it for silencing under even the most oppressive track day noise limits"
Luke Beaumont, Caterham owner

"We have all heard the big bikes screaming up the road and with a bike engine car I can do the same! However there are some circuits (and neighbours) who don't seem to appreciate the music. When my original Caterham exhaust started to lose its packing I looked around for a replacement. I did not want to just buy the same again as it had taken less than a year for the original to deteriorate so a repackable unit was a must. Ammo of Raceco offered to do a noise test with one of his units on my car. We found an out of the way corner of Suffolk and took some measurements all the way up to 11,000rpm with the old unit and then with a Raceco can. The improvement in noise level was significant,on top of this it's repackable, lighter and looks much better, all round a great improvement. The Raceco can has now been on the car for over a year with no problems,a great product, well made!"
Matt Deakin, Caterham owner

"The silencer has made a massive difference to the noise of the car. Money well spent!"
Graham Perry, Caterham owner

"The car felt significantly faster with the new exhaust and is also now more pleasant to drive in that it's quieter. Subjectively it doesn't feel like it's putting in as much effort for a given throttle application. Response feels better too. Congrats on a lovely product."
Nigel Mills, Caterham owner