Raceco SS2 camshaft

Raceco’s SS2 camshaft is a development of the Italian SS (also known as P3) camshaft. The SS2 Cam has more duration and overlap than the old SS but still retains the low down pulling power with the added bonus of extra power at the top end. This is our most popular road cam.
It has been fitted with excellent results to everything from Converts to LM5’s. This cam requires checking for valve to valve and valve piston clearances, components may have to be machined for correct fitting. We will fit it for you if you wish.

£195.00 exchange

  Raceco SS3 camshaft

Designed specifically for V11 and Sport 1100 type engines. As the original camshaft in these engines is very similar to the SS2, we have decided to make a more powerful alternative available.

£215.00 exchange
  Raceco SS4 camshafts

More lift with extra duration than the standard Daytona cam. Less overlap than the C kit cam resulting in more efficient cylinder filling. We take your old cams in part exchange
£215.00 exchange
  Cam follower 2 valve heavy duty

£30.00 each



Raceco competition
quality valve springs

For use with all cams, road and race.
Designed to eliminate valve float at high rpm.
Each spring individually checked on our RIMAC industry standard tester.



Magnesium sump extension £95.00

Only two left in stock

  Long dipstick for above £6.50      
  Raceco competition
quality valves

One piece forged stainless steel valves (Austenitic 21/4N, plasma nitride coated with tipped stems).
These competition quality valves have been used worldwide since 1986. We have not had any valves failure related problems. These valves are manufactured exclusively for Raceco. Available in 36, 37, 40, 41, 44, 47mm. We can also manufacture valves to your specification.

£33.00 each
  M8 x 1.25 stainless banjo bolts
for oil feed and breather

£3.00 each