Raceco 210 BHP Engine

Recent build with many new components.


  Raceco Design Water Pump Pulley

Back in stock!.

125mm Alumium pulley to replace the original 100mm steel pulley. 200 gr. lighter than the steel one pictured. Reduces water pump speed in high rpm engines to reduce parasitic losses and avoids cavitation. In some cases also stops overcooling. Limited availability.


  Cylinder head development

Roller throttle body & ported Duratec head being tested on Superflow 600 flowbench.
Raceco have tested every type of cylinder head and throttle body combination currently available.

We have found that our 54mm throttle bodies out-perform every other induction sysyem on the market on a properly ported head. Hence the high power figures we have been obtaining.

Porting from £400.00

Flow bench testing from £100.00

Camshafts in a range of profiles with vernier sprockets. Durations from 260° to 310° Please call to discuss your requirements.


Pair of camshafts inc. vernier sprockets

Raceco design custom profile cams

As used in our 300 bhp + engines.

Exclusive to Raceco We can also grind custom profiles on new blanks according to customer requirements.

Not available elsewhere

£595.00 pair including vernier sprockets.

Raceco single valve spring kit suitable to 8,500 rpm. £150.00

Raceco dual spring kit suitable to 9,500 rpm. £250.00

  Mechanical chain tensioner conversion

Avoids chain tensioner problems at high rpm. Semi-mechanical. Provides a positive stop to replace the ratcheting mechanism whilst retaining hydraulic tensioning and chain lubrication facility.

As fitted to all Raceco engines.

£35.00 to convert your existing tensioner

£65.00 Outright price, including new tensioner.
  Raceco 2.2 crankshaft

Raceco design 88 mm stroke low inertia crank. High rigidity, 300 bhp 9,000 rpm capacity. As used in our 2.2 conversion. Both 2 and 2.3 litre engines can be converted with rods to suit. To be used with our Raceco design 89mm pistons.

The Raceco 2.2 89x88 over-square engine is a great compromise between the 2 and 2.3 litre engines giving good torque, power and revability. Top quality UK manufacture by Arrow Precision in Nitrided EN40B. Manufactured to exclusively for Raceco UK.

Crank and rod set

Due to our exclusive design no photos of this crankshaft will be published. N.B. For the 300 bhp + engines including the Raceco 2.2 we still recommend Arrow as their quality is unsurpassed.

Uprated bearing shells

Heavy duty big end shells for 2l or 2.3l engines

£95.00 per set

  Connecting Rods

Arrow steel connecting rods for 2l or 2.3l engines. Still the best steel rod available anywhere.

£960.00 per set


Omega 87.5 mm piston. Utilises original ring pack. Available for 2 litre and 2.3 litre engines. Other pistons in different bore sizes and compression heights also available, please enquire

£525.00 per set

Rings for above available separately if required £205.00

N.B These rings have now been discontinued by Ford and are no longer readily available.



Raceco design 89 mm pistons

Features valve cutouts to suit Raceco 36.5 and 32 mm valves. + 2 cc dome. Dome can be machined to alter compression. Includes rings and pins.

Maximum permissible over-bore on stock cast-in liners.

Gives 2068 cc with 83.1 mm 2 litre crank, 2340cc with 94 mm crank (2.3 capacity is actually 2,261cc)

Also used in our successful Raceco 2.2, 300 bhp , 200 ft lb, 9,000 rpm engine.

Includes rings, pins and circlips

per set of 4

  Direct to head throttle bodies

45mm or 48mm direct to head throttle bodies

Throttle bodies
£595.00per pair

Air horns 40 mm to 120 mm from £24.00 each

Raceco design 54 mm direct to head throttle bodies

Manufactured by Jenvey exclusively for Raceco UK. These throttle bodies are the development of three different prototypes that have undergone two years of engine, flowbench and dyno testing. Out flows both our 52 mm parallel and 52 mm taper designs with the convenience of being direct to head and not requiring a separate manifold. Also out flows the roller bodies tested. They have the added bonus of being affordable as the one-off prototypes were extremely expensive to manufacture.

These are an essential requirement for high output engines and work extremely well with both a well ported Focus head or big valve Focus or Ranger/Mondeo head.

Don’t be fooled by engine builders that have never built a 300 bhp / 75 bhp per cylinder engine that say that these throttle bodies are too big. They are still on the small side in comparison to a World Superbike Honda or Ducati twin that run throttle bodies in the region of 60 to 65 mm per cylinder! In fact our top of the line big valve head loses 1.5 % of flow when these bodies are fitted so bigger ones may be on the ways soon! 54 mm still offers excellent driveabilty and idle.

N.B. these throttle bodies will work only on a well ported or big valve head. They will be too big for a stock or badly ported head.

Throttle bodies shown in photos are prototypes. Production items will be black with "O" rings at gasket face with additional bosses for top mounted throttle linkage

£720.00 per pair

60mm 1 piece black nylon air horns for 54mm throttle bodies £45.00 each

Overall length of throttle bodies with 60mm air horns is 240mm long



  Duratec engine mounts for Caterham installations

Available for standard applications (top) or to clear the pump stack with a Pace dry sump system (bottom)

£168.00 (standard)

£192.00 (Pace DS)

Alternators available: Small (93mm, 45W) or Medium (100mm, 55W).

Small or medium alternator £180.00

  80mm or 65mm aluminium pulley £63.00    
  Alternator mounts

Small alternator mounts

Complete alternator kits with idler, tensioners and belts from £480.00
  Starter motor

We can supply a starter motor kit, consisting of the motor, bolts, rubber plug and rear steady bracket.

Starter motor kit

  Oil filter adapter

Oil filter adapter to present filter perpendicular to the block to aid ground clearance.


Back in stock!

82 Degree Thermostat

Mechanical thermostat. Not always available from stock. Limited availability.

  Flywheel & Clutch

Duratec lightweight steel flywheel


ARP Flywheel bolts £48.00

AP Racing heavy duty clutch kit(Tested at over 300bhp)


  Baffled wet sump

High performance wet sump with windage tray.

  Pace dry sump system

A Pace dry sump system shown fitted to a 2.3 engine. Two stage scavenge and single stage pressure pump. Includes breather blanking plate and ARP crank bolt.


Dry sump breather blanking plate

Breather blanking plate for use with dry sump. Includes stainless steel screws.


EGR valve blanking plate, gasket and screws £15.00